#MyDoorStory: The Vulnerabilities of Many Nigerian Properties Caused by Bad Doors

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The lack of proper door security is causing many Nigerians to become victims of armed robbery attacks, terrorist attacks, domestic violence, kidnapping, rape and the loss of lives and properties. This was revealed in the ongoing creative writing competition pioneered by Emilinks Limited – a global manufacturer of world-class doors for both commercial and residential use.

The competition tagged #MyDoorStory commenced last two weeks and over 100,000 Nigerian youths have shared true life negative experiences caused by bad doors. According to them, most of these negative bad door experiences would have been prevented if only quality doors had been used.

Below is one of such true life bad door experiences as recounted by Anyi Abraham during his undergraduate days in school.

“Safety, Protection and shield to me are the core importance of doors. In my life, the significance of doors cannot be overemphasized. There was an experience that exacerbated my love for doors. Back then in school I used to live in a room apartment with a roommate who cares less about safety. On this very night 30th of December 2009 while at sleep, thieves broke into our room and took away my “first ever loving laptop” and injured my roommate with a cutlass. It was a very easy operation aided by our wretched nail-padded wooden door. My guy lost lots of blood and I was so afraid ever since that day. The truth is if our door was solid, it would have been an exercise in futility for those nightwalkers… Since then, doors become my priority and a prerequisite for any livable apartment am to live in.”

In the words of Jumoke Dada, another participant who also shared her bad door experience; “SUBSTANDARD DOORS ARE SIMPLY DISASTEROUS!”

Here is her own #MyDoorStory;

“Front door my father would always say is your personality. Maybe that was why he had overlooked the cringing backdoor. I can remember washing our front door with soap, water and sponge but who cares about the back door. “Abeg I no get time” I will say to myself.

“Everybody on the floor!” I snapped back my head to the super story I was watching thinking the voice came from the scene. No one could have screamed like that if not from the TV. “I said lay down flat or I will bust your head” this time I was sure it’s from our flat. The armed gang had entered into our flat from the backdoor!!! All hell broke loose as my grandma was knocked on the floor hitting her bombom on the hard floor. The last thing I can remember was my dad being hit on the belly before everything went black. I was later told I had been knocked on the head for stubbornly seating on the chair but then I was in shock.

Every door is very important and every life as well. Let’s say no to substandard doors in Nigeria!!!”

The #MyDoorStory competition was initiated by the chairman of Emilinks Limited, Solomon E. Nwadiogbu to empower Nigerian youths to remind Nigerians about the significance of doors in every property.

“We are not concerned about selling to everybody in Nigeria; we only want to sell to those who value their lives and properties” Mr. Nwadiogbu explains.

“We have noticed over the years that many Nigerians overlook the importance of doors in a building and decided to embark on this initiative to help highlight the significance of doors to the society. We want Nigerians to take every door in their properties very serious and stop using bad doors. To make this message very clear, we needed Nigerians to hear from the horse’s mouth themselves. And that’s how the #MyDoorStory competition was born.”

The company is giving away a total of N3 million in 30 days to 300 lucky winners. 10 winners will be chosen daily to win N10,000 each starting from 8th of August – 6th of September, 2016. The competition which is currently in its third week has already produced 140 winners in the past 2 weeks from over 100,000 entries across facebook, instagram, twitter and BellaNaija.

Emilinks Limited is currently observing their annual global summer vacation and will be opening up for business on the 29th of August, 2016.